Why is it important for you to have Long-Term Care Insurance?

In a long-term care event in the family, you have to focus on caring and assisting your loved one. By joining the long-term care insurance, you will receive assistance in dealing with the cost of the long-term care and also gain greater peace of mind regarding your family.

All the reasons for joining the new Maccabi Long-Term Care from The Phoenix:

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  • Claim Management through Personal Claim Case Worker
  • Cost-effective Cost-effective
  • Opening an Online Claim
  • Guidance and Support in Exercising Rights


How do I join the insurance?
For your convenience, you can join the insurance through one of the following options: • Online via https://online.fnx.co.il/maccabi • By downloading a health declaration questionnaire and filling in the required details. Then send the form to the following email address: sm@fnx.co.il or by fax to 03-7337757. • You can also join by phone through a service representative. The numbers to call are 1-801-22-7788 or *3507.
Will my continuity of coverage be preserved due to the move between the insurance companies?
People covered by the Long-Term Care Insurance policy on December 31, 2018, will be automatically transferred to the Phoenix insurance policy. Such persons do not need to do anything. The continuity of coverage is preserved with the entitlements not impacted by the switch-over between the insurance companies.
I submitted a form for joining to the previous insurance provider. Am I insured?
You must contact your previous insurance company to check whether the joining process has been completed. The Phoenix insurance program will take effect on on January 1, 2019. You can leave your contact details at the following email address: sm@fnx.co.il A representative will contact you.
What is a long-term care state?
The insurance provides a long-term care annuity for insured individuals that meet one of the two following definitions for a long-term care situation: 1. Mentally frailty - impaired cognitive function on the part of the insured person and degradation of the intellectual capacity, including impaired comprehension and judgment, degraded long-term or short-term memory and temporal or spatial disorientation requiring care most of the hours of the day as determined by an expert physician. 2. Degraded health and functional state due to which the insured person is unable to perform a substantial part (at least 50% of the function) of 3 out of the following 6 functions: Get up and lie down; dress and undress; Bathe; Eat and drink; Sphincter control; Mobility - Ability to move from place to place unassisted. Such a state may occur at any age, not necessarily at the more advanced ages. It requires significant financial arrangements to be made to cover the costs of the long-term care. Care for a long-term care patient involves many hardships and imposes a severe financial burden on the patient and the patient’s family.
What is the insurance period?
The Phoenix will insure members of Maccabi beginning on January 1, 2019 through to December 31, 2023 - a period of 5 years. The insurance period will be extended subject to agreement between the policy holder and the insurer for further periods according to the terms of the agreement signed by the parties.
For how long will the insurance benefits be paid?
The period during which insurance benefits can be received, as long as the patient is in a long-term care state, is 60 months cumulatively.
How long after the insurance event occurs will I be entitled to the benefit?
The policy states a waiting period of 60 days, beginning from the date on which the insurance event was recognized and due to which the person requires long-term care. During this waiting period, the insurance premiums must continue to be paid. After the waiting period has expired and if the person is still in a condition requiring long-term care, the insurance benefit payments will begin. The insured person is exempt from paying insurance premiums for the duration of his or her long-term care state.
Is there a copay?
There is no copay. Regarding the benefit ceiling due to long-term care facility expenses, the actual payments will be repaid up to the ceiling specified in the policy (8.1).
Can soldiers be insured with the Long-Term Care Insurance?
Yes, soldiers - both conscripts and career soldiers can join the Long-Term Care Insurance. Soldiers that were covered by Long-Term Care Insurance prior to being drafted continue to be insured with Long-Term Care Insurance while they are serving.
I have joined Maccabi and have a Long-Term Care Insurance policy. Have you received my request to switch over?
A person switching health care providers is entered with the insurance of the provider to which he or she has moved. In order to complete the joining process, you are required to produce confirmation of insurance from the insurer of the health care provider from which you have moved - please send it via the following email address: sm@fnx.co.il. Please note - the confirmation of insurance can be downloaded independently from your previous insurer’s website. You must produce it within 180 days after switching health care providers. After 180 days, the insurance is cancelled. Rejoining is subject to a medical screening and the terms of the policy.
What am I entitled to as a Long-Term Care Insurance policyholder with Maccabi?
Is there a limit on the age at which one can join?
It is possible to join the Long-Term Care Insurance at any age subject to filling a health declaration and a medical screening when joining. For your information, joining at a young age is recommended in order to obtain the maximum entitlements.
How can the insurance be cancelled?
Any insured person can cancel the insurance at any time by sending a signed letter. The cancellation request can be sent by email to sm@fnx.co.il or by fax to 03-7337757. After the cancellation request is sent, the sender will receive a message confirming receipt of the document.
Can I file a claim?
If the long-term care state occurred before January 1, 2019, you must file your claim with your previous insurance company. If the insurance event occurred after January 1, 2019, a claim can be filed with The Phoenix. For your convenience, you can file a claim online on this website.
How can a claim be filed?
A claim can be filed online at the address www.maccabisiudi.fnx.co.il/en. The online claim form has been designed especially for the people insured with Maccabi Long-Term Care. It is a simple, user-friendly form. Alternatively, the claim form can be downloaded and filled in clear, easily readable handwriting. After the form has been filled, it must be sent together with the required documents through one of the following methods: Email - tm@fnx.co.il. By fax - 03-7238812. By regular mail to the following address: Derech HaShalom 53, Givatayim, postcode 5345433 for "Maccabi Siudi".
What happens once I have sent claim forms?
Upon receiving the claim documents, we begin the entitlement check. The personal case worker for the claim will contact you within 3 business days according to the details filled in the claim form, will verify the details and update you if there are any other documents that need to be provided. A letter regarding the addition of extra documents, if any are required, will be sent to the up-to-date address in the claim form. To track the claim, you can contact the personal space on “Phoenix Personal”.

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